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William's Creek Greensand Products

All of our products are in their completely natural state. They are all ready to be legally used in any USDA NOP certified operation. We get our dirt straight out of the ground, put it straight into a bag, where it is ready to go straight into your yard, garden or flower pot.

William's Creek Greensand comes in two containers. The first is a 30 lb bag which is great for individual growers. It is ideal for personal garden, small farms or potted plants. $25.

Our other product is a 2,000 lb tote, which is geared for larger coverage areas such as commercial farms, golf courses or large garden projects. $750.

How Texas Greensand works

The primary cause of soil infertility is a loss of moisture. Moisture is important not only because your plants need water, but for the long-term sustainability of the soil. Often times allowing your soil to dry up causes irreparable damage. Excessively dry soil then becomes like clay and like a compressed sponge, suddenly unable to retain new moisture. Water leeching into the water table is not immediately evident and will have already seriously eroded precious root-level soil before you will have the chance to correct or even notice the problem.

Greensand prevents these effects by promoting soil moisture in two ways. First, the greensand's potassium makeup attracts water, drawing moisture from the evaporation prone surface toward the roots. Second, this attracting property holds moisture in place until used by plants or replaced by new saturation. When applied in the proper amounts, greensand will add nutrients and retain moisture to your soil, increasing plant vitality and longterm soil sustainability.

Greensand not only improves your soil's moisture retention but also provides vital, water soluble nutrients. It delivers soluble potash (potassium that dissolves in water), stable nitrogen and calcium while also containing variable levels of up to 30 other plant-usable minerals. For a fuller, more technical description of what exaclty Greensand (or as it is also called, Glauconite) is and can do, please check here and here.

How To Apply

Apply Williams Creek Greensand evenly on dry ground. Water after application. Usage rates listed below.

Lawns/Grass - 30 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft.

Golf Greens and Tees - 22 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft.

Potting Soils - 12 pounds per cubic yard OR 1 cup per 12" pot.

Flowers - 30 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft.

Vegetable Gardens - 30 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft.